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Joel Eisenberg & Lorie Girsh: Filming after the Apocalypse

Power couple, Joel Eisenberg & Lorie Girsh present great films and TV. Some recent successes remember the past (Then Again, Terror Talk). They cited examples of how we coped in the past that might help us in the future. Even looking to make-up with our BIG BROTHER.

Jeff Frumess: the Philosophy of Fright

Horror filmmaker Jeff Frumess talked of transformation in horror film … but not about the monster. He then BRILLIANTLY answered my on-going question about what kind of horror movie are we living in. He waxed philosophical about making movies as well.

Edward Gusts: The Toil and Trouble of Adapting the Bard to Blood!

So Edward Gusts captured my attention in two ways… he wrote an engrossing and topical horror film … based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth! We chatted classics … literature and genre.

Andrew Lorhenz: The Horrors of Movies

Andrew Lorhenz wrote and directed a film about murder, deception, crime, and revenge… but he was the nicest guy! He shared with me what it was like to go from film crew on big-budgets to director of an indie!

Chris McLennan: Still Essential

In light of the fact that Arizona has joined the lock-down, I spoke with my buddy at Sun Studios, Chris McLennan, on NOT staying home. The film and TV studio manager is MEDIA, thus, she is essential and must brave the outside. Brain Damage Films operates out of Sun Studios so maybe that’s why Chris still had a bright disposition … she ‘s used to scary situations.

Marcus Slabine can scare the hell out of you!

Fright filmmaker Marcus Slabine and I shared some thoughts on the horror show outside our doors. This clever, friendly, highly intelligent visionary filmmaker made an old monster like me absolutely shiver!

JEREMIAH KIPP: We must hear the Bells

Acclaimed award-winning horror and suspense filmmaker, Jeremiah Kipp spoke of how if you want to see the future, watch a scary movie. He is completing a film made DURING THE PANDEMIC. “The Bells” by Edgar Allen Poe is a response to the crisis featuring actors who sent in their readings of the ominous poem.

NICK LaMANTIA: Body of Work

Filmmaker and really deep thinker, Nick LaMantia, spent two years creating a genre masterpiece that is clearly a parable of something going on just outside our understanding. We spoke of his really enticing horror film and the other horror going on just outside our understanding.

NOTE to Gigi & Reggie Bannister … I see a little “Angus” in my new friend, Nick.