Movie Review: Wicked Witches (2018)

Wicked Witches; reviewed by  of Horror Fuel

Mark (Duncan Casey) you dumb ass…when will you ever learn? You got fucked up, cheated on your wife, and got your ass kicked to the curb. has a problem. After his most recent night of drugs and infidelity, his wife has kicked his ass out. You’d think that would definitely fill his dance card of stupidity, but you’d be wrong as he heads to his friend Ian’s (Justin Marosa) farm where he used to get his party on in days past. Wait, that doesn’t sound like too bad of a decision…and on the surface it isn’t…but just you wait…You see, ol’ Ian is acting like he has murder biz on his mind, and it seems Anton LaVey is his interior decorator, and a whole slew of dudes have gone missing in the surrounding area. And that’s where the “stupid” comes in, because Mark decides to stick around. Anyway, nothing stops his good times roll, and party is thrown…a party attended by beautiful flesh eating witches that are currently in control of Ian! Will Mark wisen up and escape with his soul intact?

Wicked Witches has it’s fair share of problems, chief among them is the narratives non-use of characterization. Mark is a rather unlikable protagonist, his friends show up only to be serve as a way to increase the film’s body count, and the titular witches themselves have nearly no backstory. This makes it incredibly hard to give a singular damn about anyone involved in these goings-on, so all tension is rendered pretty moot.

On the other hand, lack of relatable characters can be over looked if a fright flick delivers some solid effects work…at least for your’s cruelly anyway. On that front I’m happy to report that Wicked Witches excels as the film features a beastly bevy of eerie effects; all brought to life by good ol’ practical wizardry! Also of not, the climax of the film is handled really well, and is worth sticking around for.

While a decidedly mixed-bag of a fright flick, I’d say give Wicked Witches a ghoulish go if for nothing more than the fun as hell effects work on display…just don’t expect this one to become a creepy classic.