Haunted Haunters (A Review of The House)

Indie-Pictures-Blog, for the duration of the quarantine, will review the catalog of the new indie horror/suspense channel, Terror TV. http://www.terrortv.com

Review by Amy M. Frateo

I don’t watch a lot of horror movies. They err on the side of gratuitous sex, violence, and bad language to get a point across. So, I came to this assignment with a strong level of trepidation. I was happily surprised.  The House is not a “what’s behind that door” type of haunted house/ghost movie. Here, the ghosts are the haunted ones.

Wall Street investment banker, Jean (played with appropriate millennial angst by Natalie Skye) quits her $$$ job and goes on a worldwide vacation of soul searching. Considering whether to go back to her old ways, she encounters a house filled with tormented spirits. A cynical college professor, played with academic aplomb by Alex Zahara; his bitter-over-life sister and her loving husband (great chemistry between Emilie Ullerup and David Richmond-Peck), a remorseful cabbie whose plot could be a parable for every immigrant. Zahf Paroo knew how to supply the right level of gravity for this role and (ready?) a drifter who ends up being her love interest. Zak Santiago gave us an excellent blend of tormented soul and ne’er-do-well for our money.