Millennial Angst vs. the Undead (A Review of Dracula the Impaler)

by Natasha Dawsen

Indie-Pictures-Blog, for the duration of the quarantine, will review the catalog of the new indie horror/suspense channel, Terror TV.

As we meander through the 21st century, we crave a particular kind of cinematic sustenance. Yes, sure we want “new” things, but we also are looking for the reimagining; the new version of telling an old tale; basically, the familiar with an unfamiliar twist.

Dracula, the Impaler handles that for us.

Here the plot – a bunch of young folks decide they want to buck a legend and take their vacation in Dracula’s castle. Yup. Whatever you are thinking … that’s what happens.

But here’s the new thing…

The impetuous 20-somethigns are millennials. In some cases, they play the stereotype of being such a generation. It makes you ask yourself… who/what is right and wrong? Who is the hero/villain? And even some might ask “who’s the monster?”